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Here are the York Tap, we are committed to bringing you the very best beer in the country and abroad, whether the beer be in cask, keg, bottle or even can, we pride ourselves on offering you something new, exciting and most of all, tasty! Why settle for anything less? Our hands are not tied, the world of beer is our oyster and therefore we regularly rotate our beers showcasing more breweries and beers than ever before!

However, we proudly host a few house favourites which you'll become familiar with...

On keg:

The Bernard Range:

On October 26, 1991 Stanislav Bernard, Josef Vávra and Rudolf Šmejkal won an auction for the small privatization of the bankrupt brewery in Humpolec, established in the 16th century. It did not take long for the Family brewery in Humpolec and BERNARD beer to become a well-known premium brand throughout the entire Czech Republic.

To distinguish their beers in the Czech market, the trip or brewers chose to make honest traditional unpasteurized beer, brewed with craftsmen skill from the best ingredients. Thanks to its traditional procedures, BERNARD beer stands out for its harmony of fullness and bitterness.

Bernard 3.8% Lager Our house lager

Bernard 4.5% Pilsner Our house Pilsner

Bernard 5.1% Cerné (Dark lager)

Primator Weizenbier 4.8% Our house wheat beer

Characterised by its pleasant clove-like aroma typical of this type of beer and its strong intense flavor of zesty wheat with hints of banana dominating. It has a strong lively taste and medium body with the characteristic mild bitterness of Saaz hops. 

Allendale Pennine Pale Ale 4.0% Our house pale ale

Golden in colour with a fruity and floral aroma due to the addition of epic Columbus, Cascade and Citra hops.

Great Yorkshire Blackout 5.0% Our house stout - Guinness alternative!

This 18th century London beer style is brewed with 100% English ingredients and showcases the delicious flavours of chocolate and vanilla - by 'eck it's addictive.

Aspall Cider 5.5% Our house cider

On Cask:

The Tapped Brew Co. Range Our very own brewery! 

The Tapped brewery is a 4BBL (Brewers Barrel) kit. 1BBl is equivalent to 4 x 9 gallon casks so it has a maximum capacity of 16 x 9 gallon casks per brew. The Hot Liquor Tank, Mash Tun, Underback and Copper are all insulated and copper clad. There are two 2000 litre closed conical fermenters behind the brewery, these allow us to brew the same beer on two consecutive days and ferment them in the same vessel. The fermenting room to the side of the brewery houses a further four 1000 litre fermenters for single brews. The fermenters are closed and have cooling jackets so both the temperature and carbonation of the beer can be controlled at every stage. 

Rodea 4.0% India Pale Ale

Mojo 3.6% Session Pale

Ale 3.5% Best Bitter

Whats on tap

We are a genuine freehouse with no lines tied and are therefore free to focus on the selecting the best beers possible.
Like a good wine list, Harrogate Tap offers cask, keg and bottle beers on a sliding scale ranging from the very well priced £2.80 per pint or £3.00 per bottle and up.


Why is some of your beer so expensive?

Most of our draft beers are priced well under £4 per pint, but some of our beers can be a bit pricier than the ones you typically see in pubs, especially those from the USA. These beers are crafted with the finest ingredients and are therefore more expensive to begin with, and on top of that, importing them is a costly undertaking. There are shipping costs to consider, and the ABV on many of the beers is high, so the duty is also accordingly high. However, we do feel that these beers are some of the best in the world and are absolutely worth the price – some of the best wines in the world will easily run more than £10 a glass, so we feel that £3-4 per half pint is a fair price to pay for beer of such quality.

Why don't you have (insert huge corporate brand-name beer)?

We don't necessarily have anything against the big industrial breweries, but most mass-produced beers are in our opinion too bland and too generic to bother with. Besides, there is a whole world of beer to explore, more diverse and interesting than any other drink on the planet, and we try to open up that world to our customers. We have a policy of constant brewery and product rotation so you can always expect to be able to try something new from the best local, national and international breweries. The Harrogate Tap is all about quality, integrity, and variety, and we will never sacrifice any of these to appeal to the lowest common denominator.

Do you just do beer?

No, we also stock a range of spirits, wines, and soft drinks for those who aren't beer-inclined.

Do you do food?

We offer sandwiches, panninis, pork pies, sausage rolls, crisps, snacking salami and nuts.


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About Us

Welcome to the Award Winning York Tap. We are dedicated to serving the very best in British real ale and continental craft beer across our 32 lines. If you're looking for a traditional local cask conditioned ale or perhaps a thirsk quenching European Pilsner or even an American craft beer then we are your number one stop. Our team of beer lovers work around the clock to ensure we do the beer we serve justice and that you are always spolit for choice. Situated on the beautiful York Trainstation in the heart of the historic city of York, it won't be hard to find our stunning Grade A listed Edwardian building. We also offer a range of carefully selected fine wines, spirits and soft drinks along with a delightful tasting nibbles menu. 
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Cask & Tap


Pure North - Valley Zest Cider 7.2% £4.00

Ilkley - The Rocket 5% £3.40

Roosters - Yankee 4.3% £3.00

Ilkley - Olicana Pale 4.4% £3.20

Ramsgate  - Gadds No7 3.8% £3.00

Kirkstall - Impaled 4.6% £3.30

Highland - Orkney Best 3.6% £3.20

Thornbridge - Beerkeepers 5.3% £3.50

Helmsley - H!PA 5.5% £3.80

Black Sheep - Best Bitter 3.8% £2.90

Thornbridge - St Petersburg 7.4% £4.30

Ilkley - Ruby Jane 4% £3.00


Bernard - Lager 3.8%  £3.40

Bernard - Pilsner 4.7%  £3.70

Bernard - Dark Lager 5.1%  £3.90

Wiper & True - Citra IPA 6.7% £6.20

Thornbridge - Cocoa Wonderland 6.8% £5.40

Kocour - Catfish 4.2% £4.50

Aspall - Suffolk Cyder 5.5% £3.50

Fruli - Strawberry Beer 4.1% £6.00

Hand Drawn Monkey - DIPA 7.4% £6.00

Kocour - Weizen 4.4% £4.40

Sierra Nevada - Pale Ale 5% £4.80

Hop Studio - Premiant 6.1% £6.00

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